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Kito Global advocates that our INGO partners establish enabling environments to explicitly drive new market-based and blended finance initiatives. According to the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network), the impact investment market exceeds over $500 billion with almost two-thirds anchored in the United States and Canada.  Social entrepreneurs and impact investors continue to enter into developing markets using the power of investment capital and entrepreneurship to effect social change while creating business-oriented sustainability models. 


Thus, INGOs have a choice: engage and collaborate with these market actors or stay in their traditional business model modality.  Kito Global strongly believes that INGOs are an ideal partner for impact investors, but to seize potential opportunities, INGOs need to adapt their mindsets and operational structures to allow true partnerships.  Kito Global has collaborated with Humentum, ANDE, and FHI360, and others to help publish reports on the INGO landscape and its intersection with impact investors (the Amplify reports published in 2016 and 2018).  Kito Global has established tools to help INGOs broaden the capacity of their internal business units and country offices to work more directly with these non-traditional partners.

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