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The key to success for knowledge managers may be simpler (and more universal) than you think

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

A few weeks ago I came across an article about Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s surprisingly straight-forward “secrets to success.” In an age where we perpetually worship at the feet of egomaniacs, I was struck by the simplicity of Ma’s advice. The more I considered its broad implications, the more I discovered its direct application to my current role as a Knowledge Lead.    

In the article, Ma is quoted as saying that the keys to his incredible success are two-fold: from the start he recognized his own short comings and instead sought to (1) hire people smarter than himself, and (2) focus on getting them to work together. Basically, he’s saying, do you want to be a one-woman show? Or the conductor of a world-class orchestra? If it’s the latter, do yourself a favor and check your ego at the door. 

Is this the blueprint to success for knowledge managers? Read more >>


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